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Flyfishing – Diary of a brown trout

A wonderful children's book about fly fishing,
suitable for adults too.



Hey fellow fly-fisher,

Welcome to the world of Leopold, the little Austrian brown trout. We're stoked to have your support for this awesome project, which was created entirely without artificial intelligence. All texts are from my imagination and all illustrations are hand-drawn watercolors. Communicating this is very important to us!

Do fish really keep diaries?

But of course! And they do even more. At least the brown trout in Austria do. They whisper all their wisdom to the Philosopher's Stone, where the wisest brown trout reside, and they're always ready to lend a fin to young trout with all their questions. This includes Leopold, the little brown trout, who gives us a peek into a year of his life in the wild Rettenbach through his diary. He shares tales of adventures with fly anglers, classroom sessions at trout school, first love, trout parties, friendships, and all sorts of dangers.


Thanks to his stories and the beautiful illustrations by Jessica Marquardt, we get to experience fly fishing from Leopold's perspective, witness the changing of seasons, revel in the beauty of nature, and feel the significance of respecting its delicate balance.


Fly Fishing – The Diary of a Brown Trout" enchants both young and old and will make every fly angler's heart soar with joy. A children's book for all ages. (Karin Lassen)


You can check out the story behind the book here.

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You can view the watercolor paintings created so far and our previous collaborators here.

The book's preface can be found here.

Our partners, friends, and supporters are listed here.

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After Crowdfunding the englisch version will be available world wide on Amazon!

160 pages First edition

3,000 copies

Format 15x21 cm

Cover: Hardcover & Softcover

Illustrations: 50