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Flyfishing - diary of a brown trout

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Do really exist fish that write diaries? But of course! And they even do much more. At least the trouts in Austria do. They whisper all their knowledge to the philosopher's stone, where the most experienced brown trout stay and help the younger trouts with all their questions. This is also the case with the little brown trout Leopold, who gives us an insight into a year of his life in the wild Rettenbach with his diary. He tells us about adventures with flyfishers, lessons in the trout school, his first love, trout festivals, friendships and all kinds of dangers. Thanks to his stories and Jessica Marquardt's wonderful illustrations, we get to know flyfishing from Leopold's perspective, experience the change of seasons, enjoy the beauty of nature and feel how important it is to respect its delicate balance.

Fly Fishing - Diary of a Brown Trout enchants young and old and will make every fly fisherman's heart beat faster with joy. A children's book, also for adults.


Dear fly fishing friends,

I'm glad you came to this website to learn about the project "Flyfishing - diary of a Brown Trout".


My name is Thommy Mardo and I am a freelance photographer, gallery owner, author and filmmaker - as well as an avid fly fisherman and nature lover. I have been going fishing for over 40 years; more than 20 of those years with the artificial fly. I have taken many photos and made several videos about flyfishing in Austria and Slovenia (you can find some of my videos at the bottom of this page). More than 10 years ago I had the idea to write down my fly fishing experiences in the form of a children's book. My intention is to inspire the young generation of our beautiful sport for this (gentle) way of fishing and to sensitize them for the beauty but also the fragility of our nature especially in today's digital and fast moving times. Also adult fly fishers will have fun with this book, because they will find themselves again and again in the stories. Everyone will be delighted by the wonderful, hand-painted watercolors of the artist Jessica Marquardt.

After a few years of collecting ideas, I drove to the Baltic Sea in the winter of 2021, armed with my laptop, my coffee machine and my faithful companion dog Chingu, and wrote the first draft manuscript for the book. In the following months, the finishing touches were made and the first watercolor drawings were created in close consultation with Jessica. Now, in the coming winter of 2023/24, the book will be printed and available in stores/amazon - in time to shorten the long winter months with fly fishing reading. But until then there is still a little way to go, because there will be more than 30 watercolors and also the printer must still do their work.


You want to support the project? I would be very grateful and you can do this in many different ways:

*Talk about it :-) Tell your friends and your network.

*Join the Facebook group and stay up to date.

*Support the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (From 01.06.2023 to 01.08.2023).


* Become a picture sponsor for one of the watercolor drawings (for the first edition 3,000 copies) as a private person or with your company. Your name/company and website will be published in the book as image sponsor for the corresponding watercolor. Cost 350 euros net.


For more information, also about further advertising possibilities, such as a strictly limited full-page ad at the end of the book, or a completely branded edition of your company, please contact me at:


Now I wish you a lot of fun looking at the beautiful watercolor drawings as well as the videos of fly fishing in Austria :-)

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